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Rap Chop (Slap Chop infomercial parody remix)

“Rap Chop” featuring Vince (Steve Porter’s Slap Chop remix)

This is fantastic! Same guy who does Sham Wow, btw.

We didn’t start the flame war video!

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Cats on a wheel!

Bengal Cat Fighting for the Exercise Wheel

I love this comment (from kellydanig):

goddaaaaamm that cat is going soo fast at the end. its running like a fully sprawled out lion on the chase for some meat seriously, it was goin sooo damm fast, this video amazes me since its showing like the cats interact as human beings, there each taking there time, they even seem to have respect for the cat at the end and stuff, and the cat at the end even stops and looks around like.. did u guys fuckin see that shit???!

Obama action figure goodness

Check out this Japanese Obama action figure, featuring Obama with changeable hands and face (mouth closed or open) and posed in a suit with American flag! But bizarrely, also posed with dual katanas, various firearms, and a lightsaber. πŸ™‚

Obama vs. Vader
Obama vs. Vader

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Fallout 2 dialog for dumb characters

This quarter I’m taking a class on hope in apocalyptic futures as portrayed in three media: film (Children of Men), text (The Road), and digital game (Fallout 2).

For my final project (it’s a light class), I decided to create a YouTube video showing off the humorous dialog a character with low intelligence has with various NPCs in Fallout 2. πŸ™‚

funny old Jesus comic about how D&D is evil

D&D Kills with the Help of Satan!

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Crazy translated text on Kingdom of Dumpling’s website

An excerpt:

After the majority of customers testing and evaluation; Asia and the
United States agreed that the dumplings with the following six features
1, sanitation, factories, hygiene and strict compliance with
provisions of California San Francisco and the “School Official Cites
Use 2, fresh and delicious. dumplings with the quantitative ratio of
raw material to ensure fresh foods.
3, a beggar eat oil, the end of the evaporation process various
materials personally, you feel oil (not oil) and not greasy, texture
and Shannon.
4 face the burden of a tendon, a special screening and the ratio of
flour to face the burden of dynamic, strong teeth to chew jin,
flexibility, not hard, excellent taste “Organization Department Holds
Press Conference 5, pretty attractive, professional instructors,
professional standards, professional play professional performance.
6, convenience and portability, convenience store, easy to cook, fry, bake.
In addition to dumplings, the company has also produced wonton,
assorted fried dumpling, tiao. Leek box and multi-beef pies.
Comprehensive on features; Armenian food companies worthy of the
northern noodle “dumplings country,” said renowned Bay Area.

Dumpling?Chinese dumpling?Traditional Dumpling?Shanghai SOup Dumpling?Shanghai dimsum,Northern Dimsum?kingdom of Dumpling

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AOL users skew republican.

Check out this projection map…  AOL users polled. πŸ™‚

from Silicon Alley Insider:

Why Are AOL Users So Overwhelmingly Republican?

satire illustrations of the candidates

Zina Saunders

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