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Intelligent Artifice: This is why I don’t have a Wii

Intelligent Artifice: This is why I don’t have a Wii

Humorous video about the life of Miis.

Look Around You – Computer Games

YouTube – Look Around You – Computer Games

Funny parody video about the rise of computer and video games…  retro!

Spiders On Drugs

A link from a guildie… funny.

YouTube – Spiders On Drugs

Windows Vista and edutainment

I was browsing the latest issue of the new magazine Games for Windows and saw in an article on Windows Vista that parents now have complete control over which games are blocked for their kids (assuming parents are the ones setting up their computers and know how to get at the parental controls and then understand ESRB ratings, etc.). The screenshot showed that parents even have control over exactly what kind of content should disallow access to a game, be it drugs, sex, crude humor, or what have you… One of the checkboxes was “edutainment.”

Hahahahaha! What’s more sad? The fact that edutainment was included on the list or the fact that I completey understand why, given the sorry state of edutainment, a gamer would want it blocked?

Here’s a screenshot I grabbed from

blocking games according to content in Windows Vista

OMG kitties!

50 worst game titles ever.

This is why I like games.  Nuts and Milk!


Forwarded to me earlier today… a very funny video!

NSFW.  <- Not safe for work. 

Here comes Dr. Tran

OMG… Don’t know how I missed this… someone asked me today about the Danger in my name, whether I was dangerous to Chens or a dangerous Chen. When I replied neither, he asked, “so you’re like Dr. Tran?”

Check it out.. I am kinda… I mean, I don’t really have anything to do with danger…

You are the WoW to me…