Oh hey. There’s some scholarship here again…

I’ll be presenting in a panel on experiments in pedagogy in higher ed at Play Make Learn this week! Here are my slides about a course I teach on Critical Let’s Plays. (It’s all visual so you should go to options and turn on the speaker notes… Also testing out google slides embed; hopefully this works. 🙂 )

Update: Here’s the syllabus for BIS 313 Gaming Culture through Critical Let’s Plays!

And here’s the main Critical Let’s Play assignment (for Spring 2022).

5 thoughts on “Oh hey. There’s some scholarship here again…”

  1. Mark, this is really great. I wonder – is there a copy of the course syllabus posted online? I’d like to cite what’s on slide 23 in this deck, and it refers to the syllabus document.

  2. Awesome. Thank you! I’m currently finishing my dissertation, looking at applying concepts from formal analysis of video games to describe teaching and learning. So much overlap, especially with online courses that we’ve seen for the last couple of years. There’s a section in “The COVID Chapter™” that talks about how instructors describe their courses using video game concepts, and this fits nicely into that.

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