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Decided to stop the daily digests, and my glasses broke!

Was getting a little excessive I think…
Hmmm. Maybe I can create a page of my google reader feed and people can subscribe to it if they want…

Also, my glasses broke today. That kind of sucks. But I’ve got a pair of sunglasses that work in a pinch. Now, should I get $30 cheapies again or actually go to some brick-n-mortar glasses store and pay more for a pair that might last longer than 1.5 years?

Twitter Tools and Lifestream

I deleted Twitter from Lifestream’s feed, so the daily digest should just include Google Reader (and Pandora if I can get it working). I also noticed that my blog was one of the feeds. Deleting that should kill the recursive pingbacks I’ve been getting.

Weekly digests via Twitter Tools is now off, too, but the sidebar is still up.

We’ll see how it goes. Facebook recently made their status updates more accessible or something, so that might change the way I update in the future.

As for reading my friends’s feeds, I’ll delay a solution a little until I get a new phone. 🙂

Twitter Tools vs. Lifestream

Okay, so it’s been a few days since I installed Twitter Tools and Lifestream.

The topmost sidebar widget on the right of the blog is from Twitter Tools. I like it, and it provides more info than Twitter’s official Flash-based widget.

The weekly digest (that was posted on Saturday) is also from Twitter Tools. I also like it and how it is formatted. I could not figure out how to set it to a different time than 1 AM, though. Whenever I set the time to a different one and hit Okay, the form would reset.

What I like about Lifestream is that it is somewhat like FriendFeed and captures updates from multiple feeds including Twitter and Google Reader. What I don’t like about Lifestream is that it didn’t seem to successfully capture my Pandora thumbs up and thumbs down picks. I also don’t like how the daily digest includes the previous day’s daily digest in its… er… digest. That seems rather redundant and cyclical, causing a little pingback comment to be generated each time, too.

So, verdict?

I’m not sure yet. I like the sidebar of Twitter Tools and I like Lifestream’s Google Reader capture. Maybe what I should do is keep both, but start disabling the things I don’t like about each.

Is anyone finding the daily digest excessive? What if I had a weekly Google Reader digests and just the Twitter feed on my sidebar?

And, while I’m asking, giving people better indication about me is just one side of what I want. I also want a better way of keeping track of people. Right now I’m following certain people on Twitter and Friendfeed, but neither are being pushed to me, so I’m not getting a good sense of when things are happening. Likewise with my Facebook friends… by the time I comment on a status update, it could be quite irrelevant, not to mention that most updates get lost in the ether before I can even see them to comment. Anyone have a good solution to this? Does having an unlimited data plan solve it or would I then be overwhelmed?

blog posts

So, should I be converting batches of my twitter updates and google reader shared items into daily or weekly blog posts on this site, or would that be too spammy?

Are you all (all 2 of you) interested in that at all, or should I restrict my posts to original thoughts and writings and items of particular significance? (And we all know that means I only post about once a week…)

Twitter and google reader

I’m finding myself using Twitter more often these days, doing status updates rather than longer blog posts… and since I also just share items I find on the web using google reader, I am not really posting cool web stuff I find, either. Most of the stuff I’ve been posting lately has either been exceptionally cool in some way (completely subjective of course) or stuff that isn’t itself an RSS feed, so I can’t share it with google…

Anyway, if you want to see my status updates, you’ll have to either get a Facebook account and friend me or follow me on Twitter (username: McDanger).

And if you want to see the stuff I’m sharing through google, you’ll either have to visit this site and look at the embedded shared items gadget I have (on the right) or get a google account and start using reader yourself (and add markdangerchen as a contact). The latter method is probably more in line with my personal practices… I mean I don’t really visit other people’s blogs or news sites anymore, I just read their feeds using my preferred app, and you should too!

Long story, short: this is my blog post that semi-apologizes for lack of updates.