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Twitter Tools vs. Lifestream

Okay, so it’s been a few days since I installed Twitter Tools and Lifestream.

The topmost sidebar widget on the right of the blog is from Twitter Tools. I like it, and it provides more info than Twitter’s official Flash-based widget.

The weekly digest (that was posted on Saturday) is also from Twitter Tools. I also like it and how it is formatted. I could not figure out how to set it to a different time than 1 AM, though. Whenever I set the time to a different one and hit Okay, the form would reset.

What I like about Lifestream is that it is somewhat like FriendFeed and captures updates from multiple feeds including Twitter and Google Reader. What I don’t like about Lifestream is that it didn’t seem to successfully capture my Pandora thumbs up and thumbs down picks. I also don’t like how the daily digest includes the previous day’s daily digest in its… er… digest. That seems rather redundant and cyclical, causing a little pingback comment to be generated each time, too.

So, verdict?

I’m not sure yet. I like the sidebar of Twitter Tools and I like Lifestream’s Google Reader capture. Maybe what I should do is keep both, but start disabling the things I don’t like about each.

Is anyone finding the daily digest excessive? What if I had a weekly Google Reader digests and just the Twitter feed on my sidebar?

And, while I’m asking, giving people better indication about me is just one side of what I want. I also want a better way of keeping track of people. Right now I’m following certain people on Twitter and Friendfeed, but neither are being pushed to me, so I’m not getting a good sense of when things are happening. Likewise with my Facebook friends… by the time I comment on a status update, it could be quite irrelevant, not to mention that most updates get lost in the ether before I can even see them to comment. Anyone have a good solution to this? Does having an unlimited data plan solve it or would I then be overwhelmed?