WOW…what a bomb to drop in the first week of BLOG.

WOW…what a bomb to drop in the first week of BLOG.

Congratulations to both of ya! It’s been quite a while and I guess we were all asking ourselves when it was gonna happen. Of course, all the best and if you do get around to having that ceremony you know I’ll drop everything to get there (if you invite me, just send the card to: Johnny Snake, The Broom Closet, Big Daddy Spike’s Tavern, 13 Dick Street, New Spanksville, ME 00001). Have you thought about what kind of ceremony it will be? Let me guess? Fundamentalist Christian?

News item of the day: scientists observe a bug breathing. The fun part is how they did it… by bombarding the bugs with SYNCHOTRON RADIATION…something like 1,000,000+ times the sun’s energy density. And the idea happened when a bug just happened across the beamline. Can’t the national lab hire a damn exterminator? what the hell?

I just finished mah grant proposal, so I get to starcraft this weekend! Or maybe I will install graphical Nethack…yeah…has anyone tried it yet? opinions? what else are you all playing? (I know what Chris is playing, we don’t need to go over that).

Big News!

Well, I guess Robin and I should let some people know about this… Yesterday we went to the county building and got the paperwork for our marriage license. We’re having a friend of ours who is a minister sign the documents later on this month.

The actual ceremony that we’re going to have for friends and family won’t be until the summer, so don’t freak out.


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