So much for music reviews and waffle irons…

That is some news, man. Congratulations to both of you. Does the bit about the minister mean that you’re offically married after he signs it? Or are you waiting to make it official at the ceremony? Very exciting. Although what do you mean by “Don’t freak out”? You just upped the pressure on the rest of us!

In sporting news: the Super Bowl wasn’t so super, but I was pretty suprised by the result. Bummer for Tim Brown, though. He’ll probably go down like Karl Malone and Patrick Ewing- always the bridesmade… At least Mark Madsen got his ring(s).

Our volleyball tournament yesterday (The Marty Open) didn’t go so well. We had a cheesecake pool (Williams, Siena, Maine, and Yale) and a +80 point differential (8 games), but wound up going into the playoffs as the #2 seed. (The only other 8-0 team (MIT Varsity) got the #1 seed because their pool was “harder”… ) We played Columbia in the single game quarterfinals and lost 21-25. UConn took the repeat over the MIT Varsity.


  • Yume Bitsu “Yume Bitsu”
  • Brokeback “Looks at the Bird”

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