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Some states already have more early vote-by-mail turnout than their turnout in previous elections!

And… it seems to be coming from states with higher percentage of black voters! Electoral Projections Done Right: The Black Turnout Surge, Already In Progress

site seems to be working okay

I switched to a new hosting plan with more bandwidth so hopefully this site won’t exceed its limit any time soon like it did a few days ago.

Also, all I did was ftp everything over and create/populate the wordpress database with a backup of my old one. I’m amazed it all seems to be working, but please let me know if you find any broken links or whatnot.


IR9, day 1, 5pm: Practice Theory

Beyond Place: Using Concepts and Methods of Practice Theory to Study Mediated Experience

Edgar Gomez Cruz
From virtual communities to co-presence practices: Some theoretical notes from the field

[Mark]my PC just crashed and I lost all my notes![/Mark]

Annette Markham

Adolfo Estalella

David Silver

Well, here’s a photo of David, at least…

From Copenhagen, Oct 16

Captain Plughole

Holy moly, this is the cleverest use of web technology for art I’ve seen!  Scroll!

Captain Plughole

History’s Greatest Gadgets

History’s Greatest Gadgets

from Wired’s Gadget Lab

Testing out ScribeFire!

This post was created using ScribeFire, a FireFox addon for making blogging easier…  I’m seeing if it handles tags and categories.

ScribeFire: Fire up your blogging » Support Forum

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What’s up with these weird pingback spams?

A new kind (new to me) of spam has started happening on my blog. Here’s how it works.

Some fake blog links to your blog by posting about your post. As far as I can tell, it just takes an excerpt and prefaces it with something like “This is good…” You then get a pingback listed under your comments section which links to their blog. Then somewhere on the fake blog are links to porn sites (like in the footer or sidebar), a sidebar full of Google-generated ad stuff, or whatever.

At first I thought, maybe its benevolent spam since it benefits me to have other blogs link to me. But now I am thinking it is rather lopsided since I bet I get a lot more hits than the fake blog does.

Guess I will find a way to block these from happening… or be more vigilant about deleting them.

After some searching, I found more info about it!  Apparently, I mean “trackback.”

Blog Law » 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know

Blog Law » 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know


This is freakin awesome!

Think of the Visual Thesaurus but apply it to music bands.  That’s what TuneGlue is.