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Uh… I don’t *think* I’ve written about Ashton Kutcher…

I was checking out my site stats for the first time in months, since I thought maybe my post to Terra Nova got me some hits (it did but not significantly–I get about 130 hits a day).

And, man, look at my most popular pages:

Title Views
Home page 26 More stats
Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War 16 More stats
The Witcher 12 More stats
Splinter Cell vs. Hitman 2 11 More stats
Half-Life 2 mods 4 More stats
Dr. Video Games: Reflections of a PhD Graduate 3 More stats
Dissertation ready for download 3 More stats
A bunch of short game reviews 2 More stats
Communication, Coordination, and Camaraderie in WoW 2 More stats
Bike USA: July 10-20, 2000 – Wall Drug, Badlands, Kadoka, Murdo, Valentine, Norfolk, Fremont, Omaha 1 More stats

That’s from today but it’s pretty much the same top ones every day. A large portion of my site visitors are interested in Deus Ex, The Witcher, Hitman, and Splinter Cell. A part of me feels like I really ought to capitalize on that somehow…

And what’s more? Why, check out these search terms that got people to my site:

Search Views
hitman 2 9
deus ex 6
the witcher 5
half life 2 mod 3
deus ex inventory 3
deus ex 2 invisible war 2
overland maps in neverwinter nights 2
ashton kutcher naked 2
deus ex 2 inventory screen 2
colossus movie 2

Lol. I swear I don’t have a thing for Ashton Kutcher… though I guess writing this post will make my website even more relevant for that search term. :/

(Now, why did I just add ashton kutcher to my tag list?? This makes me think of GNU and other self-referential acronyms… THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT ASHTON KUTCHER! There hopefully, that’ll satisfy the google bots.)

[Edit: Oh.. it was a post on cmgp (which is now archived on my website) about ashton kutcher… lol. Yes, I can do searches on my own website, thanks. Still.. doing a google search shows that my website doesn’t appear in the first 10 pages of results. Someone’s gotta really be digging deep for those photos to try clicking on my link…]

site seems to be working okay

I switched to a new hosting plan with more bandwidth so hopefully this site won’t exceed its limit any time soon like it did a few days ago.

Also, all I did was ftp everything over and create/populate the wordpress database with a backup of my old one. I’m amazed it all seems to be working, but please let me know if you find any broken links or whatnot.