#GameAWeek RPG Quest

This week’s game is a Twine-based game called RPG Quest: Legend Age.

Spoilers and reflections for this game and last week’s Stay Awake Little Kitty after the break.

Last week’s Stay Awake Little Kitty was really an experiment in subversive gameplay. I had this idea about forcing iPhone users, who are sometimes uptight uncritical mass consumers of Apple products (ie. the perfect target for in-app purchases and badges and achievements and all that crap), to keep their phones on and run out their batteries.

Yes, I’m saying I tried to create a game that awards users for keeping their phones awake as much as possible, subtly punishing them for going after a high score by draining their phones. I’m not sure it works for those purposes, but this was proof of concept. I suppose I should make a 3D game that requires lots of processing power…

This week’s game is my first Twine game! The idea came from this question I thought of a few months ago while playing RPGs that include dialog or story choices as part of character creation: “What if you could die during character creation?”

This led me to: “What if the actual game was the character creation?”

RPG Quest: Legend Age is a really, really short game to test that concept. I think it’ll work. I can spoof other RPGs in the process, and include staples such as romancing different NPCs, over-emphasis on character archetypes, meaningless numbers for different stats, and maybe break some fourth-wall through the consequences of the choices. Definitely will need to revisit this idea when I get a chance… Or maybe find a collaborator to make this game. Contact me if you want to make this game with me! 🙂

As always, check out the games from my co-challengers, Ana, Dennis, Melissa, Greg, and Nick (who hasn’t posted anything yet I don’t think, so it’s just a link to his homepage)!

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