I lead the International Christian Coalition now!

Check out what I found when I googled my own name! 🙂

PowerMark Comics – Captain Mark Chen – BiblicalStrategy.com

Captain Mark Chen, also called PowerMark, is a professional soldier who joined the
Alliance at age 17. He became the youngest officer ever to lead an Alpha force unit
in the ongoing battle against Leviathan, a force of evil led by the Diviner who’s goal
is to establish a new world, one that will be free from individual thought or expression.

Protecting an orphanage from an attack by Leviathan, he was wounded in combat.
Presently, Mark has been commissioned by the International Christian Coalition (I.C.
C.) to lead a mission to create Virtual Reality Episodes (VRE) of the stories of the
Bible. With his crew of kids and some really cool gadgets, PowerMark leads one of
the most important missions ever…drawing youth back to faith in God and His Word!

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