Blogs that covered Games Learning Society 4.0 (GLS 2008)

David Gagnon’s blog

I met David while sitting in a session and noticed he was live-blogging. He’s a student at Madison. He showed me the augmented reality game they created for the conference where people can use their phones to do a walking tour of Madison, looking for clues, etc. Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to try it out, it started pouring rain… like really, really pouring rain with thunder and shit. 8o – Lucas Gillispie

Good coverage of the sessions he went to. I met Lucas (and a ton of others) at the airport on the way out from Madison (I guess I should be thankful that my original flight was canceled). He’s a Dark Age of Camelot veteran and it was cool hearing about his experiences going back to that game after getting burned out with WoW. 🙂

Easily Distracted – Tim Burke

A fellow guildie who I met during the LAN party.  Turns out he had to take off early due to a family medical emergency.  Everything is good now, thankfully.  Go check out his blog.  He’s smart.

The Education Business Blog – Lee Wilson

Lee’s cool and plays WoW!  🙂

Also, check out some flickr photos tagged with gls2008

And finally, if you know of others I’ve missed, email me or leave a comment!

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