GLS 2008 Session 3: Games for Science Learning

Online Games and Science: The Role of Gaming Technologies in the Development of Dispositions Towards Learning
Melissa Gresalfi . Anna Arici
Melissa GresalfiAnna Arici

Cool stuff on Quest Atlantis. 🙂 Caught the tail end of it.

Resilient Planet: A Partnership of Games and Curriculum
Bill Jewell, Dan White, Dan Norton, Marjee Chmiel
Marjee ChmielDan WhiteDan Norton

A presentation about the work that Filament Games has done with the Jason Project!  Cool!  OMSI used to host Jason Project days for schools to come and watch the live feed from the oceanographic research.

Filament created a full-on multimedia, 3D ocean exploration game with authentic problems that students need to explore solutions for.

Is Our gaMerz L3arning? (Evaluating Games As Shared Experiences)
Jay Laird, Ann McDonald
Jay LairdAnn McDonald

They had this cool activity for participants (48 of us anyway) to play to demonstrate the idea of shared experience. They also had a cool hand-drawn cartoony portrait of themselves to start off their slideshow. I should totally do that.

Check out Jay Laird’s website with tons of links to games that he’s worked on!

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