GLS 2008: Lunch

I met up with Josh Diaz during lunch. I met Josh for the first time last year and had dinner with him at a really nice burger place. He’s on a diet this summer and not eating meat or cheese. πŸ˜›

During lunch there was a poster session, and Josh and I went around and talked with Dave Simkins for a bit about ethical choices in role-playing games. That was totally cool, and I’m going to send him my draft of The Witcher review I’m writing which focuses on moral ambiguity. I’ll have to think about morals and ethics a bit, but I think they’re at least related if not exactly the same.

I got a chance to say hi to Lee Wilson who I met last year while waiting in the ice cream line. We caught up on our work and then basically digressed to WoW talk. πŸ™‚

Finally, I met Alicia Diazgranados who demoed some of the math and other learning her kids engage in while playing DS games. We played Big Brain Academy together. She’s good and kicked my ass pretty soundly. πŸ™‚

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