GLS 2008 Session 2: Oops

After the first session I went over to the Arcade, a whole room full of consoles and computers and a bunch of games loaded up on them. Rock Band was a popular one, but I was also able to see MGS4, Viva Pinata, No More Heroes, Halo 3, Katamari Damacy, GTA IV, Wii Fit, Golf, Portal, WoW, and Twilight Princess. Nice.

Too nice. I started playing one and lost track of time and missed the second session.

I did catch some of the Fireside chat on thoughts on Lineage, 7 years later, though. Constance and her guildies were reminiscing about Lineage. One thing they said was that in Lineage there’s a strong bond to the guild since sieging and PvP is such a guild activity. In WoW, by comparison, with its emphasis on PvE, there isn’t as much of an incentive to help each other out and form tight bonds with your guild. They also said that social norms and self-policing and stuff like Farming the Farmers days happen in Lineage more.

I dunno. I’d say it definitely depends on the guild, server, and particular social groups that you hang out with. With my social groups, for example, it is quite clear that my guild and my raid groups were pretty tightly bonded and members of those groups had strong senses of identity and creed.

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