GLS 2008 Session 4: skipped…

I met up with Josh Diaz (new to me blog!) earlier and we started talking about DnD 4th Edition. He mentioned he was starting a campaign with the MIT crowd he hangs out with (and that profs had signed up to play!) which coincides with me joining a campaign some of my friends down in the Bay Area are running. So I asked him character advice and lo and behold! he had the books with him in his backpack.

Long story short, I spent a bit of time looking at the Player’s Handbook. Considering either a Cleric or a Warlock. 🙂

Now the session is over and I’m sitting in the Arcade writing this. There’s a conference dinner thing at a local park but some Terror Nova folks want to get dinner on State St. somewhere and I’ll probably tag along for that.

But guess what? There’s some crazy ass storm headed our way! Hopefully I don’t get too drenched!

Later tonight is the TrN LAN party! Looking forward to that!

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