Updates from the Frosty North(East)

Hello fellow bloggers. I apologize for my lengthy absence. We’ve had a busy month, but mostly I didn’t have much I felt was blog-w0rthy in the aftermath of stupid John Kerry going down to defeat like Word Booty against the Reed Basketball Team.

So the company recently went to represent at the 2004 ISTFA in nearby Worcester, MA. It’s fun to go out and press the flesh, which is basically the point of bringing our microscope out there. This year the conference was held in the Worcester Centrum, a recognized name for anyone who watched much WWF growing up. And I shit you not, during our conference there was, yes that’s right, a MOTOCROSS going on in the other part of the venue. Guess who got more attendees? I was hoping to run into… good times....
The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff!

But sadly no… So anyway now we are in the process of finishing up the new functionality of our product and writing literature, as well as an update of the website (not started yet). I’m also writing up a grant proposal to the NSF, which is always draining.

One interesting bit of news is that I’ll be in BRAZIL for the winter break! My first time there, so Yeung and I will be travelling all over the place as she shows me all the places she’s lived and studied since she was six. I’m hoping to avoid having to wear those Speedos all the Brazilians are so fond of. Not that I’m ashamed, I mean, it’s just…. So that will be sixteen days of fun from the 26th to January 11th. I am still waiting on my visa, which costs me $110 just because the US decided to put the same fee on Brazilians visiting here after 9/11, so Brazil reciprocated. That’s pretty weak on our part. I’ll make sure not to flip off anyone; I hear Brazil hates that.

Otherwise I’ve been playing basketball and City of Heroes, which Mark has already discussed. I’m trying to avoid getting WoW and I think I will be successful in staving it off, at least until after I return.

Melmack, I will be in Boston crazy early next Sunday. I might be too tired to think straight, but just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to get breakfast or something.

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