Babies, babies, babies…

I don’t know how things are going where you are, but around here lately, it’s been babies, babies, babies. Filghts from Logan are probably getting delayed with all of the stork traffic… Kate and I just spent a nice Thanksgiving in Duluth with my family, and got to spend a little quality time with my 4 month old nephew, Bergen. Over the past ~ 3 months, this kid has exploded from tiny peanut to massive baby. He’s cute as all heck. See:

After getting back, we had dinner with Kate’s siter and brother in law who annoucned that they are expecting! Last week, a family friend had a baby. Sunday night, my advisor/boss’s wife gave birth to their second child. Plus, two residents gave birth in the past few months, with two more staff members in my department expecting any week now. What?

Who’s next?

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