Return of the Wu

Looks like the fellowship of the bowl has come upon hard times. It’s members scattered across the breath of this land while the darkness of Bush gains ascendance over the heart of this nation. In Oregonia, where the forces of Light still hold sway, one of the companions fills his simple days with sports, food, and leisure.

Mostly I’ve been coaching basketball and volleyball. I’m involved with one or the other 6 to 7 days a week. When I’m not doing prep work for my sports, I mostly spend my free time working on the house, cooking, reading and watching movies. I went to town with my new library card. You can keep DVDs for three weeks! I’ve got close to a gross of em sitting on the movie rack. Most recently, I’ve gotten into books on tape. It makes doing your chores soooo much nicer.

The Reed Basketball team is 1 and 5 right now but we’re much better than when we started. The group is an interesting mixture. 7 freshman and 4 seniors…none of which were starters.

The Reed Co-ed Volleyball team is doing considerably better. We’re playing in the city league. With the playoffs approaching, we pulled out from the middle of the pack to take the number two spot in our division.

Sadly the thing with Claire didn’t work out very well but thanks for all your help and input….really…thanks.

I hope you all have a nice thanksgiving. My housemate Mitch, invited me to thanksgiving at his ranch in Southern Oregon. We’re going to make a caramelized pecan cheesecake….with the pecans warm! I enthusiastically endorsed Mark and Robin’s thanksgiving duck idea but sadly it fell on traditionalist ears. Any other interesting food ideas for thanksgiving?

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