Planet Melhus

This is the outside:

This is the kitchen area.

The U-shaped kitchen provides a lot of surface area for cooking, but not a significant amount of storage space. The Corian countertop was chosen to match the concrete surface at the left, and the red highlight on the edge was supposed to match the red accents on the Vulcan stove. The stove is a heavy-duty commercial-grade unit with four gigantic gas burners and an oven (no broiler, though… a minor bummer ). It’s not insulated, which is why you see the spacing between it and the cabinets and why there is a strip of concrete flooring under the stove and along the cabinets. The exhaust fan is a KitchenAid (I think). The refrigerator and dishwasher are from the GE Profile line. In the upper-right corner, you can see where the wall is open to the mechanical closet. None of the interior walls extend all the way to the ceiling.

This is the TV area.

It’s tough to tell with the shades drawn, but the windows are slightly below grade. They get a significant amount of direct sunlight, but you can’t see too much from them. In this picture, you can see the exposed rafters in the ceiling. There are numerous exposed pipes throughout the unit.

These are babies chilling at the domicile.

Right behind the couch, there is a square (2’X2′) brick column. There are four of these incorporated into the unit, but this is the only one that is free-standing. On top of the column, there is a huge wooden beam that supports the ceiling. On the right, the double doors lead to one of the two closets. This closet contains the water heater and the air heating unit.

This is where the “magic” happens.

Can’t see much in this picture, but the brick is another one of the columns in the unit. The big pipe that is next to it is a drain from the roof, and the tub/shower is half enclosed by the pillar.

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