Wealth and stuff

I was listening to a show on NPR this morning about Americans and wealth. They talked to this one lady in New Jersey who’s husband makes 100k a year. They own their own house and cars. They have two kids who want for nothing. In fact, the kids go to four or five dance lessons a week. They go out whenever they want. Knowing that her income is in the top 20% in the US, she complains that she’s just barely getting by and considers herself middle class. WTH (what the heck)!

If you can’t save money making 100k a year then it’s your own damn fault.

Then there’s this lady who’s income is in the top .2% in the US. She doesn’t think she’s rich or wealthy because she knows people who make a bit more than herself and she doesn’t go flying around Europe all the time. She makes more than a mil a year and doesn’t think she’s rich because she isn’t a jet setter? We’re not talking pesos…we’re talking about dollars! I repeat. WTH!!!

Hey Isuru, do you have to pay for tickets to watch your Div 3 team play. I bet it’d be pretty sweet to get front row seats for one of their games.

Ben, a good offense will make up for poor defense. Just start asking your board tough questions about their mothers. Actually..It’s all about defense Benny. Good luck.

Hey Robin, I’m going to be in portland this Monday. Wanna give me driving lessons?

Have a good weekend yaww.

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