Is there a Doctor on the hizz-ouse?

You rule, Dr. Schrag.

I totally forgot that you were defending today. I was thinking about driving down to heckle you, but then I contracted SARS over the weekend at the Red Sox game (they came back from 0-5 against Toronto to win 6-5 on a Nomar walk-off HR in the bottom of the ninth… WOW). Still feeling a little nasty today, but both Britney and I are very proud of you!

Go ahead, take a little time to enjoy Britney over at You’ve EARNED it. What’s next? Lemme guess….

For those of you that are interested, I posted a few pictures of my new place in the articles section. Thanks to Lara for the images…

Especially for you, Mr. Danger, photoshop tennis. Seems to be over now, but a clever idea: one designer creates a photoshop layer, and a second designer returns “volley” by adding an additional layer, and so on…

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