NBA quote of the year

This is what happens when you ask NBA players a bunch of questions. Sports interviews are so banal. But the quotes are funny. My favorite quote has to be when someone asked Yao Ming at one of his tri-weekly press conferences what his favorite English words were…and he answered “Last question”. Hhahaha… but a close second is this gem by Charles Oakley that I just found:

Charles Oakley, F, Washington Wizards:

“(In the East) it’s not really hard to be in the middle of the pack. If we were in the West, we probably wouldn’t be in the pack. We’d be in the backyard somewhere with the dogs and can’t get in the house. But in the East, we’ve got a chance to find an open door so we can come on through the house”
–Oakley, on the difference between the East and West playoff pictures (Associated Press, Jan. 15)
What the hell?!? And, the NBA website of the year: Drobnjak’s Manjaks.

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