Isuru’s Life

Hello all, So i am following Ben’s advice and giving a low down on my life right now: Since my departure from Colombo ( and consequently leaving behind a good life, car and LOTS of BOOZE!) and my arrival here in Savannah ( which has to be the most boring city ever), my life has taken a very monotonous turn… Savannah was not what i expected. It is a beautiful city with some old historic buildings and lovely parks and other scenic views. Unfortunately this is offset by the lack of a social life and a high crime rate. Just the other day a bunch of students got held up at gun point and two others were stabbed in broad daylight. So that way i try not to be walking out at night and thats sort of general stuff. The other thing that really bothers me is that lack of a place to ball… they hjave a court and training facility but that is reserved for the athlethes.. since this is a real Div III school, it has a bunch of really good athlethes. The basketball team here fro example is better than any i have seen at our time at Reed… and that includes the teams that we never played..!! Graudate school is good for the most part, i am enjoying the work and all, sometimes get frustrated my some of the undergraduate students, they dont seem to give a shit. Perhaps Reed had more commited students but here most people seem to be about how they look, partying and fast cars…in class they are about as intelligent as hamsters…. The only other newsworthy thing is that i have started interning at a design house called Lead Dog Productions. I am a graphic designer there…. hopefully the experience there will lead to bigger and better things aight, thats about all i can think of for now… talk to ya all later

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