Half the people designing web pages should be fired

One of the biggest gripes I have is against web designers who do not understand that the web should be a free resource of information. The greatest purpose the web can have is to share information equally, giving anyone the power to educate and inform themselves. With that goal in mind, making the web as accessible as possible, obviously within reason comparing things like cost-effectiveness and demographics of your audience, should be one of the highest goals of any web designer.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to say this, as going to that NBA quotes page reminded me of it. Hard-coding the size of your font for bodies of text is one of the most common mistakes a malinformed web designer can make. Most do it as a way to ensure proper layout of a page, and under certain circumstances, like for menu items, it is understandable, but for a common news-type template where it is applied to the actual main article, it’s inexcusable. Go to that site which Ben linked to and look at it.

Now look at what I had to do to read it the way I wanted to:

“We designed it that way because we want to control how people look at our content” is probably the biggest reason you will find. “Would you like how I take your content out of context and read it that way?” is my answer.

Most of the time it doesn’t bother me this much, but I just felt like sitting back and relaxing today rather than sitting up attentively as I normally do…

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