crunch time

Hmm, I have been having the same thoughts Brandon, regarding going elsewhere. I find myself ashamed to be an American especially in groups of grad students where I am the only one, and am often out-numbered by students from the middle east. You shouldn’t have to explain why your country is full of ignorant buffoons. My favorite news of the day: Cheney’s old company not only specializes in oil-industry equipment, their main field is in rebuilding infrastructure of countries. Oh, how convenient.

Most enraging thing in general I saw today: on the website there’s a link called “day in photos” or something of the sort. It’s all separated into convenient categories: one is “warfare”, one is “damage” etc so you can look at all the nice planes and weapons without having to see the “dead people”. Then all the captions on the pictures of the wrecked buildings and wounded people in Iraq have the word “reportedly” in them. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Like: “An Iraqi woman stands among ruins of a section of Baghdad that was reportedly hit during airstrikes.” with a picture of a woman in a totally ruined building. Oh, maybe she blew up her own house…you can’t be SURE that the U.S. bombed it. Maybe they BUILT it that way, the new “open air” style of house. Fucking morons. Makes me sick.

Unfortunately, I must focus on the thesis this week above everything else. Sunday all the writing has to be finished…and then all printed with references by Friday next week. Hopefully by then things won’t be much much worse for our misguided country.

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