A first…

For the first time in my life, I mentioned, even as a joke, that I would live outside the US. Toronto specifically. I have never been so incensed about something that has been undertaken by our leadership. I do not trust what is put forth by our government; I check against what is convenient for the party argument at every turn. I have “served my country”, and figure myself no less a patriot then those doing the job now as I would were it still mine to do. But I so truly relish that involvement is my choice, and that I do not have to participate or sacrifice the only thing that is mine for this bullshit. I was laughing today that less then four years ago I had a conversation with my middle brother about the reality of joining the service (as opposed to the lines of the recruiters) in which I pointed out that you may find yourself in world of shit without acquiescence or recourse; he’s now at UC Davis. For as little as I agree with the state of affairs, I would ensure that I go before I see a brother of mine be sacrificed for this. I hope that none of you are burdened with concern for your loved ones, and hope that none of us pay what is a likely and continued price for our audacity.

This is of course from EM3 Parker, USN. Funny how life plays out.

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