I’m going full time again! My half-sister was able to pull a few strings and get me in to the Homeland Security Dept. She used to be a communications tech with the Coast Guard, and since they became part of the dept, she’s got a little bit of pull. That I was in the service and retain clearance didn’t hurt. So, I’ll be a GS10 in the telecommunications operations divison. There’s a drive to step up our civil monitoring activities to support our domestic security initiatives, so they’re grabbing up quite a few people. Dunno how I feel about that, but whatever. As you guys prob know, most of the international links have been monitored for, well, forever. It’s only recently that there’s been broad authority to do this domestically, a provision of the Patriot Act. I’ve never used the equipment to monitor GSM or CDMA/TDMA cell networks, but I’ll be going to school in Virginia next month. Back into the fold for me!

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