Sup Schrag. I had confusion about that STP thing myself. Evidently, some people that haven’t heard of cars, buses, or trains get together and ride a bike from Seattle to Portland. Young Colin, when you get older you’ll figure the differnce between ‘can’ and ‘should.’ Heck, I’m only 27 and have glory days of athletic ability, and I can tell you that they’re better then actually breaking a sweat. Good luck though, and that will be an accomplishment. I am of course playing around.

As for that blog from Iraq, I came upon that the other day too (a ‘slater’ myself). That guy is referenced all over the web. Imagine if WE said something of substance eh? To spring from obscurity, capture the attention of the world… Heh!

Schrag, keeping current with the affair is the concern, not really the medium used. The cable news orgs have 24 hours to cover, and it is hard to stick with them as they rehash every change in wind direction. That one is aware and keeps abreast of developments, even if they are neither a champion of the cause, or particularly drawn to the mechanics of such affairs, should not be considered such a high bar.

The web is full of interesting assertions of facts (have to say that as we know they’re not all facts, at least not all of ours) and opionons. Impossible to keep up with them all.

I agree with you as to what makes us ‘great,’ and I too fear that it may be slipping. The rest of the world will only value our ‘values’ when we remember to do so ourselves.

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