Portland protestors halt local news coverage of war

In a weird twist of fate, I was unable to learn anything about the “war” last night on TV since every channel (or at least the 4 that I get with my crappy TV next to my computer where I was diligently playing a game) was covering the protests downtown. They lasted from 5pm or so to 2:15am this morning, effectively halting traffic on Burnside, and at times halting traffic through-out downtown *including* I-5!

The local anchorpeople, at least on channel 2 where I eventually ended up, all seemed really pissed at the protestors and flaberghasted that they would take to the streets to show their support for the anti-war movement. I suspect the anchors just wanted to go home rather than cover the protests; how dare they make me work overtime!?! One reporter who they went to once in a while was cool about it and kept saying that these protestors for the most part were peaceful and exercising their right to free speech and that he’d stay out there as long as they were out there, but the anchors kept dismissing what he was saying and kept talking about tha audacity of the protestors and how their demonstration was killing their argument.

Is it just me or is the general media completely naive, never really going further than superficial observations? No, don’t answer that; I know the answer.

The one good thing: a McDonald’s had its windows smashed by one guy while others were saying “no! we want this to be peaceful!” It’s good on so many levels. It shows that only a few minority were just there to cause trouble and that the majority were peaceful citizens trying to accomplish a goal. It also fulfills secret fantasies of many Americans to destroy McDonald’s property. 🙂

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