STP = Standard Temperature and Pressure?

Hi all. Colin what is this you’re training for? Sounds like you are in better shape than I am…hehe…but we all knew that already. Anyway, it’s good to hear from you. How is OHSU? I can’t decide if George hitchhiking is really out of character or in character for him. Is Isuru monitoring the blog? What’s up Isuru?? Where you at?

Brandon, I was thinking about what you were saying about the American public and war. I completely agree with the huge double standards about “American soldiers” versus “everyone else”. I think the first quote that Mark posted is hilarious, have already sent it on to a lot of people. It’s a very good summary of what I feel but can’t verbalize. It all goes back to the same double standard I guess. I must say, though, that I am steering clear of war coverage. I had the tube on for a few short intervals today when I ate, took a break from writing, etc, but I think watching the war coverage on there is really bad for you, like UV rays or radon. So I guess I “distract” myself with the sports things you mentioned, and try to keep in touch with the war on the web, which is marginally better in my view for getting a real picture, if you choose where you go.

I think the sites that Kate found are very powerful, in fact I had to stop myself from reading too much. I felt my resolve to do my work fading and right now I need to be a little selfish so I can just finish this damn thesis… it seems so irrelevant at time that I have to ignore world events to stay motivated.

I was talking to a bunch of grad students, all not American, at lunch today and kind of came upon a thought, and that is that this country would be a lot better off if people realized the reason why we are where we are…the reason, to my view, is that all the best and brightest, most creative and hard-working people come here from wherever they were in disproportionate numbers. Now, the reason they come here is because of the freedoms we have and the quality of life…(fun stat: of my 250 thesis references, how many papers were authored by people with traditional “american names”: less than 50…how many were written by people WORKING IN AMERICA and for american companies/universities? about 160 or so…)so I think it’s a chicken or egg thing…which came first? the talented people? or the freedom/quality of life? that’s for another day. but anyway, the whole point is that america is only america if the world looks up to us. and i fear that may be in trouble for the first time in our lives.

peace and love, ben.

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