Hey guys, here’s a quick update. i saw gwu last during march madness at reed. my team (house husband’s) lost by a point to gwu’s reed team. anyway, he had hitched hiked from the ski cabin down to play. crazy huh? he said he was going to email about details, phone no., etc, but has failed to do so. i’m kinda worried since i haven’t heard from him in about 2 weeks. i might call ann casey to get the number. the last i talked to isuru was about 2 weeks and he just seemed incredibly busy. he was trying to come by portland but couldn’t quite afford it yet. anyway, i have his number if any of you are interested. as for my STP training…i met a guy a few weeks ago on a ride and now i ride with him and his group. we do about 40+ miles on saturday mornings and they all seem really nice. a few of them race so i can learn cool tips from them. although descending at 55mph just requires nerves and i don’t really have that right now. i ride about 100+ miles a week so i think i’m doing well. okay, i gotta get back to work. take it easy. -colin

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