Oh yeah Ben, well I beat my snake all the time


Actually, the scenarios where you can’t build a base are the ones that appeal the most to me. I like knowing that it is definitely possible to win with the right tactics given the troops you have. Building a base, on easy difficulty, usually means I’ll have a long game with an assured win since I tend to over build. On hard difficulty or vs. real people, it usually means I will lose. This basically for me makes the game one about maximizing effiency in building your base, and that is not the game I’m interested in.

Thinking about it more, I think the ideal maps for me are ones where you and your opponent have the exact or very similar armies and it’s all up to your battle tactics who wins.

Anyway, I’ve got some bad news… CnC:Generals requires a serial number to play online, much like *craft meaning we all need legit copies if we are to meet online. I did see a LANcraft type of thing for CnC:G, but I *think* it only allows direct connection between two computers. We’d have to play allied vs. computer AI for that to be even remotely fair to me. I’ve tried the first couple of missions last night, and, frankly, I’m not sure I’d want to pay money for this game. Sure it looks pretty, but the AI doesn’t exist or at least is a step backwards from Warcraft 3, so much of a step that I am frustrated at how much micromanaging I need to do for each freakin ground troop.

As for Jet, yeah… one may respect his beliefs, but the pudding is in the cake. I don’t think his movies make it clear enough the idea of karma, or in the case of Kiss of the Dragon the bad guy is so bad that it makes for an uninteresting character. I’d like to see a movie where everyone just has motives, as in real life, and people’s goals will often conflict, not some sort of artificially created black and white world.

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