Triumphant Return of the SNAKE

So, I’m finally posting. Life’s been hectic this week; we had Intel in for three days and today I was supposed to go to IBM but the snowstorm made me reconsider. So I can catch up on the “Real World” re-run watching.

As far as Jet Li goes, I guess the whole motivation thing seems weak to me. On the other hand, there’s plenty of actors I like who have questionable personal activities (i.e. they are Scientologists, etc). So that shouldn’t matter that much. However, if the Buddhism made him, for example, stop administering dragon kicks to peoples’ heads in his movies, then he’d be going to far. All religions agree on the dragon kick. How making movies connects with Buddhism I’d be interested to hear about…

Hey Mark, I checked out the C&C: Generals home page and it looks pretty interesting. People on the forums always say it’s well balanced, which I think is the most important thing about an RTS game. We should definitely play that or MOO online sometime. I just wish I could go back and play the one C&C game where you could make dogs…I’d love to run over someone’s base with a rabid pack of german shepherds…good stuff. The last installment I played briefly was Red Alert 2. Didn’t ever get into it. I hate the single-player missions where they don’t let you make a base…so you actually have to “conserve” for forces rather than being able to make them shoot each other for fun. Let me know if you are interested in screwing around and learning it together online. What about George money? Is he Internet-accessible up on the mount?

Won our last b-ball game last night…yay for forfeits!

Hey Brandon, shouldn’t you change your name to Big John John?

In the car CD right now: X-Clan’s “To the East, Blackwards”. Just read the song titles (“Funkin Lesson”, “Verbal Milk”, Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It?”, “Operation Snatchback”) and you know it’s money.

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