Hmm, that’s interesting… I guess the question is then whether playing vs. humans is worth it, if the AI is that bad. Have you tried MOO3 yet? What’s your impression of that? By “AI”, do you mean the computer player’s tactics or do you mean the pathing, etc for you to control your OWN units? For the former, it won’t matter vs. humans…for the latter, it could be a showstopper I suppose.

Hey, if you have something where I can try out the game, I’d be interested to see how it plays. Or you can tell me where you got it, heheh…speaking of which Mark, have you read Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash”? Fun book, I will send it to you if ya want.

If you are really a “tactics” person you should boot up starcraft, go to battle.net and look for a “use map settings” game called micro wars. it gives you and your opponent each an army which are very different and you battle it out…then it switches the armies so it’s fair…so for example you have a battle of your 6 marines vs. my 3 zealots or something…once that was over, it would give me the 6 marines and you the zealots…and it keeps score…i think there’s like 24 different levels…some of the matchups are really interesting to play…

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