In defense of the Legend of the Fist

I hate to bring up the movie again, but really, “Kung Pao: Legend of the Fist” is funnier than “Dude Where’s My Car?” Yeah, I thought “Dude…” was good for a laugh, but it never really aimed much higher than convincing people to see it because Ashton Kutcher was in it. According to Hollywood’s fuzzy math:

Ashton Kutcher = $$

See “Just Married” or “That 70’s Show” for a proof of the equation. (Then go and see this and be AFRAID.) I remember a time when we all lived in Portland and went to see movies at every opportunity. Sure the Snake can talk trash about “stupid” movies that he hasn’t seen, but I just want to remind everyone that we were first in line to see Jet Li’s “Black Mask.” That is a movie that sucked in every possible way- especially the over-dubbing and the lame Ozzy Ozbourne look-alike bad guy. It won’t be a good movie just because you put Jet Li in it, just like it won’t be a bad movie just because it’s a schlock comedy (see the Naked Gun series, the Pink Panther series, Fletch, etc.). Enough said.

BTW: Mark how is the Special Edition of Akira? I never got to read the end of the comic (because of delays due to re-writing the ending for the third time), but it’s clear how vastly different the movie is from the comic. Not sure if I like it as much… Anyway…

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