Enter the monkey

I musta missed Kung Pow…but then again I didn’t wind up seeing “Dude, Where’s my car?” either which I think Chris thoroughly enjoyed. If I had to choose, well let’s just say…”DUDE! SWEET!!”.

Regarding Mark’s questions, I think there’s nothing wrong with working on any given day as long as: A) you are really into what you are doing or B) there is something you are looking forward to in the forseeable future which working will help you to attain. A sufficient, but less satisfying reason to work hard is the prospect of being thoroughly, publicly embarassed in the very near future if you don’t get something done. For more on this, see: graduate school. From my point of view, being able to set your own hours is the biggest factor. Getting up earlier than you want sucks. I also think that my work/vacation cycle is longer than average. Most people like the work five days/play two days thing (of course most have no choice)…I tend to like the work all the time for 1-2 months and then relax for several days/a week. Your mileage may vary. It’s all about concrete goals…

As far as categories go… is there a limit? Why do we need to add more? I’m just not sure what their big significance is…I suppose you can filter by categories? Anyhow, I guess a movies category is kind of on par with the music category…or maybe they can be merged into one.

By the way Chris, way to talk about my references to my manhood and then go on and on about your “tree” … thinly veiled ….

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