Enough already….

Schrag, I think that you’ve just maxed out the number of vague references to your manhood in the blog. A-ight with you?

If there’s one thing that I hate more than working on Saturday, it’s working on Sunday. I think that Mark started this week off right by talking about the days of the week and motivation… No one stepped up to the challenge, but I’m going to have to agree. Of course now, that post and everything else from the past week will be in the archives, and no one will see them (including Schrag’s classic recipe and bad double entendre). Just like the old “tree falling in the woods” riddle- but in blog form.


Have any of you seen “Kung Pao: Enter the Fist? It is actually kind of funny. I guess I had some pretty low expectations about it, so it was easy enough to laugh during the really stupid parts. The way they inserted him into the original 1970’s film was pretty cool, and I think that they should have done a lot more with those scenes, instead of inserting an entire battle between him and a computer-generated cow. That was tedious and predictable compared to the product placement gags they did with Taco Bell and Bowflex. I guess you have to draw the obvious conclusions between it and “What’s up, Tiger Lilly?“, but really, the visual comedy adds a lot more than just overdubbing random one-liners and noises. It’s worth seeing, especially if you basically get the movie free when you purchase Big Trouble in Little China. That movie is the bomb.

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