Three weeks until Hawaii….

Greetings. My desire to post decreases exponentially with the number of war-related posts. Today’s Boston Herald ran a cover picture of the “terror leader” that was captured over the weekend. Some clown said that “it was equal to the liberation of Paris in the Second World War.” What? Really? I think that you should always leave a few bigger military triumphs to use in future metaphors. I also think that you should not compare a third-world-wide manhunt for a small group of insane people who frequent caves to the Second World War. It’s just sad for everybody.

IVC went 3-0 (6-1 games) this weekend without our best player (the ridiculous Yann). We used another line-up but were able to take down Tufts, BU, and WPI. We brought only six people, requiring the middles to play all the way around, something we hadn’t done yet this year. It was fun. We are currently ranked seventh in Division II for NIRSA Nationals. Not sure if I/we will go or not…

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