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My photos of Copenhagen

Day 1, October 14, arrival:

Day 2, October 15, workshop:

Day 3, October 16, conference:

Day 4, October 17, Legos:

Day 5, October 18 (Max’s bday!), Tivoli:

Day 6, October 19, Glyptotek:

Cph on Saturday and Sunday

From Copenhagen, Oct 18

On Saturday, I checked out of my hotel and left my bags with Roger’s hotel and went with him, Shira, Hector, and Keith Massie to Tivoli. Well, Keith and Hector just stayed for lunch (pizza which was surprisingly quite good). Shira, Roger, and I walked around Tivoli more and took photos and shopped for gifts.

From Copenhagen, Oct 18

It was freezing, and I ended up buying a wool jacket/sweater hoodie. While buying it, I thought that Robin would be pissed if I didn’t get her something, too, so I bought one for her too. Unfortunately, when I got back yesterday, we saw that it was a bit too small, and she thinks it smells like sheep. 🙁

Am I the only one who thinks women in hoodies are hot? Will have to get a cloth one or something later… maybe I can get her a cap, too… those are hot.

Gonna try to find a US dealer of them and exchange it, but it’s a smallish company, I think… Fuza.dk

After Tivoli, I went back to Roger’s hotel with him while he and Shira (who went to her hotel) prepared for the IR9 banquet that night. I called Lindsay Cornelius from Roger’s room to make arrangements to meet up with her for dinner and then to crash at her place for the next two nights. Turns out Lindsay had just gotten off the metro and was on her way. Also, turns out that Lindsay knows Danielle (through Isaac, the smartest person I know) who Roger knows since they’re both at Utah! Small world.

Lindsay and I walked around a famous canal and then went to a Chinese restaurant called Dong Yuan which was surprisingly good. After we caught up a bit, me giving her some gossip from the college of ed (she was finishing up her dissertation when she and her family, Tom and Cavin moved to Denmark), he headed back to the Strand to get my bags and then caught public transport back to her place outside of the city.

From Copenhagen, Oct 19
From Copenhagen, Oct 19
From Copenhagen, Oct 19

The next day, Lindsay, Tom, Cavin (who’s 3, btw), and I went back into the city to check out Glyptotek, a sculpture museum (with some paintings to boot) and do some sightseeing including a completely marble chapel. I’ve got a ton of photos to go through, but I’ll do that later today or tomorrow and they are now posted!

From Copenhagen, Oct 19

Turns out Tom is into turn-based strat games and RPGs! And they’ve seen Spaced but not Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz! Hmmmm….

Anyway, I’m back now and have a ton of work to do. The workshop has given me a lot of really good feedback to pursue for my paper on ethical responsibilities in WoW, trying out Ninja Gaiden for the DS on the plane on the way there has given me some more ideas for the review I’m writing, and I still have two papers on expertise development in WoW to finish up. Been thinking that maybe I can turn my workshop paper into the one I submit to eLearning for Constance instead of an expertise paper and then making the TWC paper on expertise more data driven rather than methods driven…