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Bonus Dice: Designing Tabletop Games for Better Game Culture

(first appeared on Critical Gaming Project’s new blog series, Better Game Culture)

barefootliam's five ivory dice
image from barefootliam at deviant art!

I’m going to make two statements (interleaved with ideas) that converge later.

What Is Better Game Culture?

One is that, as we argue for better game culture, I think we’re basically arguing for more critical and reflective consumers, creators, and scholars of games and gaming practice. “More” in the sense that we just need proportionally more people who do think critically and reflectively about games and gaming. But also “more” in the sense that who we do have are continually learning and making connections and generally becoming better at what they do.

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Discussion on mature games and moral ambiguity/development

I met Sande Chen, one of the English writers for The Witcher, at this year’s State of Play conference last month. She runs the blog Game Design Aspect of the Month where different industry folks, academics, etc. write about games and features of games, etc.

Anyway, this month is on mature games, and Sande was able to convince me to submit something, which was helped by the post before mine where Nels Anderson wrote about Kohlberg’s stages of moral development.

Given that I wrote about moral ambiguity and mentioned Kohlberg in my review of The Witcher for E-Learning last year, it made sense to bounce off of Nels’ post with a follow-up. 🙂