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Best DS games I played in 2007

Best DS games I played in 2007 (I haven’t yet played Phantom Hourglass)

Hotel Dusk screen

Hotel Dusk – This game is a masterpiece in storytelling.

Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright series – Perfect games for bus riding; no frenetic movements or audio required! The cases are completely over the top and they have a cool habit of relating to each other across the series.

Trace Memory

Trace Memory – Also known as Another Code. The previous game by the people who made Hotel Dusk. Also good, but not as. Still, by the end of both games I wished there were sequels to them so I could spend more time with the characters in both stories. Mark of good character development and backstory, I’d say.

Dragon Quest Heroes - Rocket Slime

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime – fun game. I played this before Dragon Quest VIII, which by the way is an excellent PS2 game.

Minish Cap

Minish Cap (technically, a GBA game…) – borrowed this from Andrew and Yo. Just about as good at Ocarina of Time, which basically means it is really, really good.