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2010. Ph.D. Educational Technology/Learning Sciences, College of Education, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

1995. B.A. Studio Art, Reed College, Portland, OR


2003-Now. Indie Game Developer and Illustrator.

2013-Now. Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell

2014-2016. Director, Gameful Design Lab, Pepperdine University

2013-2016. Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University

2014-2015. Visiting Scholar, USC Game Innovation Lab

2013-2015. Sessional Lecturer, Adult Education and Digital Technology, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

2013-2014. HP Catalyst Academy Fellow

2010-2012. Post-doctoral Scholar, UW Institute for Science and Mathematics Education, University of Washington

2011. Digital Media and Learning Summer Institute Fellow

2007-2008. Web / Flash Consultant, Dangerous Decibels, Oregon Health & Science University

Winter 2004. Usability Testing Consultant, Microsoft, Seattle, WA

2003-2004. Graduate Assistant, Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology, University of Washington

2000-2003. Game Designer, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Developed educational mini-games for exhibit kiosks drawing on vast knowledge of the conventions of commercial computer games.

Exhibits include: Moneyville (Get Real and Lemonade Stand), Hanford at the Half-life (Radiation Calculator), Dangerous Decibels (Save Your Ears), Engineer It!, Explore Technology (Color Mixing), and Animation (Squash and Stretch).

Created / tested user interface prototypes and wrote / refined design docs for all projects.

Supervised and coordinated art, video, audio, and programming teams for multiple projects.

1998-2000. Webmaster, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry


A list of publications and such are found on my Writings page.

A portfolio of artwork and game design (some of them quite dated 🙂 ) can be found on my Portfolio page.

5 thoughts on “CV”

  1. Hi, my name is Ben lee,

    I just found your webpage pretty randomly on the web, and I feel like I’m about to try and go on the same path that you are, dealing with game development.

    I’m currently a 5th year senior at Seattle University pursuing a double major in Visual Art and Graphic Design. Kind of similar to what you got for your BA I guess.

    Over the winter, I was working on a personal website to try and put up an online portfolio with dreamweaver 8, but I since i haven’t done Macromedia Flash for more than 5 years, (2001 the last time I did it), I’m trying to get it back starting today.

    Even today, I’m a hardcore video gamer and MMORPG player. I was once gonna apply to Digipen in Redmond, but that wasn’t till my sophomore year at SU, but I heard the odds of getting in are slim.

    My advisor at Seattle U said he has a good friend who works as a game tester at Microsoft, and I thought about maybe doing some game testing at either Nintendo or Microsoft after graduating, but I also heard that anyway can do that position and you can’t learn anything.

    So anyway, I thought about trying to learn game design and 3d animation when i get out, but do you know of any in seattle? I heard the art institute and cornish rip you off, but i’m looking for a less expensive school after my BA.

    I really like the route that you’ve taken, according to your professional experience, and I hope I can one day, become like you.

    Please e-mail me back if you ever got the time to. Take care!

  2. I would be interested in receiving a copy of your paper:
    Chen, M., Kolko, B., Cuddihy, E., and Medina, E. (2005). “Modeling and Measuring Engagement in Computer Games,” DIGRA 2005, June, Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Thank you

  3. After some emails with Nadia, it’s come to my attention that DiGRA doesn’t have references to the presentation about engagement on their website anymore! I just sent them an email to figure out what is up.

    Truth to tell, we never finished the paper but presented anyway. Maybe I should remove the reference? What a way to reinforce this impostor syndrome I suffer from. :p

    (I also just edited this page to link to my Papers page instead of trying to keep both pages updated…)

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