IAmA This guy who did his PhD on WoW

I did an AMA on Reddit about my WoW dissertation after someone found it and posted a thread about it back in 2011, but apparently I never archived it, so here you go:

IAmA This Guy who did his PhD on World of Warcraft

(the best comment: “Do you find it odd that you are still a virgin?”)

and the original thread that found my dissertation defense videos on YouTube:

This Guy did his Ph.D. dissertation on The World of Warcraft

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  1. what’s funny is that after writing a book and then after giving the book talk a few times, there’s stronger points to be made than what I said in the diss. e.g., expertise of a field can marginalize as those who are learning in a local setting who may be experts in their particular setting are “doing it wrong” in the context of the larger community.

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