Bike USA: Max’s mean streak (written by Max)

So I couldnt help it anymore. There is a type of American that isn’t found often in metropolitan areas. We’ll call them RV guppies. Sometimes it is a retired couple, sometimes a family of seven in an enormous monstrosity called the Resident or the Land Whale. They drive like they have Parkinson’s and the last thing you want them to do is take a hand off the steering wheel to wave at you. It’s just a strange way to travel-to bring your entire house with you. If you need a satellite dish to travel and you never leave the vehicle at the vistapoints, what is the point? Just rent the video!

oh yeah…

When they see us they think we are crazy and say, “I could never do anything like that.” Well if you say that, you are probably right. [ed note: Lisa, a cyclist we met, always replied with, “Well, have you tried anything difficult in your life?”] Plus they often could lose a few pounds, like 200 or so. If they lost weight they could probably save money on mileage. Their skeletons must be saying “help me!”

There is a subspecies of RV guppies who we’ve met at the infamous Wall Drug. I wanted to go up them, point, pause, and yell, “You ugly!” Darwin obviously never studied middle America. Okay I’m done being mean.

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