Bike USA: Found items

We keep finding interesting things along the highway, other than the usual roadkill and beer bottles.

The next most common thing would have to be toys. So far, I’ve picked up 3 toys along the road, brand new practically… At the next rest area or town, I donate the toy to the first kid I see. I think Santa should check in on this. One day we found a whole string of toys, mostly half-naked dolls, My Little Ponies, and broken McDonald’s Disney toys. Among them, though, we found a beanie baby with the tag still on. Maybe it will fund the rest of our trip. I imagine a mother or, more likely, a father got frustrated at their kid and threw all the toys out of the car…

We’ve also found magazines. I would love to find Bike or Computer Games, but instead, we’ve only come up with porn. I guess that’s cool too. Brand new too, it seems, except without covers… Kinda kinky fetish stuff, though… I’m not sure I’m into some of that, but I guess by the end of the trip I might be.

Things we refuse to pick up, besides the trash and empty soda containers, are clothes. I can only think of the worst when I imagine why the clothes were tossed. Most of them are baby type of clothes… nasty ewey stuff maybe… (Hey Nate, congrats on the poo-factory you fathered!)

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