Brief thoughts from GLS

written from my phone during Allan Collins’s keynote…

Don’t just mobilize games. Mobilize gamers.
School reform has had minority voice for at least 100 years or so (Dewey).
What’s new isn’t games for learning / new media for learning / flat system new capitalist (Lankshear) models for learning. What’s new is this huge cultural shift and ppl in academia and k12 who not only take games seriously (and not just serious games) but also are starting to welcome participation from games and fan culture. Participatory culture (Jenkins) allows new kinds of stakeholders. Reform isn’t just griefing (cf Dibbell) anymore.

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  1. “Don’t just mobilize games. Mobilize gamers.”

    Twitter organizes people. Not sure if it mobilizes them effectively (?), but…

    What if Twitter is a game?

    What are the “next steps” for moving from a friend/follower model to a guild model of participation in the new(er) “social media” tools?

    Thanks for helping to shape my thinking!

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