Currently working on…

  • Dissertation (simultaneously working on proposal and actual diss, to be finished this year as a collection of previous papers plus intro chapter and new chapter on the enrollment of a third-party mod to my raid group in terms of distributed cognition and actor-network theory).
  • Toying with the idea of a paper on exploring activity theory, actor-network theory, and positioning theory through two DS games, Valkyrie Profile and Devil Survivor.
  • Applying for academic jobs starting next school year right now. If nothing comes through, applying for other jobs. Looking for a research position in Learning Sciences or maybe Comm or Media Studies that lets me focus on learning in games, collaboration in games, games culture, new media culture, etc.
  • Also, obsessively playing Dragon Age. Very strong betrayal theme in the game’s plot and in the world’s lore.  Makes me think about previous Bioware games to try to identify the the one-word theme for each… Doable?
  • Editing paper with Sarah Walter on comparing collaboration in WoW and Lord of the Rings Online through a distributed cognition lens. It’s turning out pretty good, I think!

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