Internet Researchers 10: Gaming 2

I presented at 8 this morning (it went well, thanks!). Didn’t take notes in the next panel after mine. Skipped the first afternoon one. Here’s the only one I took notes for. 🙂

Friday 5:00-6:30

Gaming 2

Gran Turismo B.C. and A.D.: The pre-history of racing games
Charlie Breindahl

first driving games 1974! Gran Trak 10
but actually.. 1924! Motor Racing Game (with electric shock)

so, what is a game?
just looking at form, Motor Racing Game is first one, but hardware matters…

Are we in the post-ludology era of game studies?

computerized games move towards simulations such that they can be games for pleasure as well as games for training.

“The voices in my head are idiots” Rethinking Barriers for Female Gamers & the Importance of Online Communities
Tracy Kennedy

a look at GamerChix online forums and personal emails about women console gamers and their experiences, mostly sexual harassment but also some really good community building with other women.
GamerChix supports women to know how to deal with negative experiences.

Alone Together: Mixed-Mode Communication at Computer Gaming Events
Bryan-Mitchell Young

not presenting what he proposed… how ethical is that?
actually presenting on Quake 2 – Quake 4 and cyborgs and LAN parties and players as cyborgs
white male LAN goers resist or push at the idea of cyborgs (from Harraway)

With Friends Like These: Participation and Protest in Six Facebook Games
Elizabeth Losh

politeness is inherently political

fb games are political, need some socialness, and push at politeness norms
they push at politeness norms because of the way fb itself focuses on networks
network proliferation > politeness norms
and like with scrabulous, network proliferation can include using available online resources (nonhuman actors) in addition to proliferation of human actors… its the new norm. it isnt cheating

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