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I just got the wordpress app for Android devices and am posting this w my phone. It seems I haven’t posted in a while but that’s just part of what seems like my general cyclical pattern. I’ve been here before. I will be here again.

I seem to continually go back and forth from consuming to producing. or maybe it’s just that I’ve been working a lot on my dissertation stuff and that’s filling my productivity needs to stay happy. or maybe I keep finding cool feeds to subscribe to so that my time has to continually be spent on consumption. or maybe I’m in a rut.

whatever. here’s a post. from a phone! ironic that I keep finding ways to be connected yet instead of saving me time or letting me be more productive, I end up consuming more. yet… maybe consuming more means I *am* being productive in a general self-improvement sense.

I’m rambling now. there’s a new post by someone I follow that needs reading. back to sporadicity. email or comment if u want tips for some good feeds to follow / consume.

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  1. What app are you using for WordPress on Android? I’ve been totally underwhelmed by the ones I’ve tried. I have really hoped for a more official client, like the one on the iPhone.

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